The way start-ups design is broken.

Great ideas have failed because of poor execution.

Most times it's lacklustre product design.

Other times it's messaging and branding that doesn't resonate.

Or no branding at all because "it's too early".

Almost always it's a result of "it's good enough".

That's another way of saying "mediocre".

Mediocre = unremarkable.

Unremarkable products often fail.


Users no longer tolerate clunky interfaces and unintuitive products.

It’s not the early 2000s anymore.

Today, you create well-designed products or die.

Visionary founders need a strong design partner to architect that vision into reality.

Steve Jobs had Johnny Ive.

Apple wouldn’t be what it is today without Ive.

The problem?

Elite designers with founding experience are hard to find and prohibitively expensive for most start-ups. That’s why Contrast Studio was created.

We exist to help ambitious founders nurture ideas into products people love.


We help set a strong foundation for future growth.

We guide non-technical founders to avoid newbie mistakes.

We help build the brand from day one.

We spar with founders, sometimes saying "No", because some ideas are just bad.

The best part:

We do all without breaking the bank.

We're friends to those brave enough to build something from nothing.

We come at it with a founder mentality.

We’re partners in your journey.

Join us.


Călin Balea
Founder, Contrast Studio

PS, for the DYIers:

We’re rooting for you, but… designing is like learning to drive. A couple of months of practice is enough to get your license, but if you try to compete in F1, you’ll get steamrolled. Get the best designer you can and work with them. You’ll thank yourself (and us) later.